About Us

our story

Portcross Limited was established in 1997 with the aim to provide the Kenyan consumers with premium, quality products that were unavailable in the market at the time. Our objective to this day is placed on sourcing and supplying products that are authentic and offer value for money. Over the years we have continued to place our focus on long-term partnerships with manufacturers and brands that not only stand for quality but offer a functional benefit to the consumer.
We work closely with our partners to innovate and introduce new and exciting products while considering the trends and gaps in the market. At Portcross, we are conscious of the impact on the environment and the need to adopt healthier life improving choices and we are committed to source and provide premium products to suit the changing needs.

Our Partners

Portcross Limited identifies and establishes relationships with global players in the consumer goods sector to propel top-of-the-line brands’ supplied to our customers. We do this through building strong business partnerships with our stakeholders who support us in this operation.

Over the years, Portcross Limited has steadily grown stronger partnerships with several retailers across the region; through our vast sub-distribution network that serves regional retailers. These partnerships have seen a significant increase in global brands across East Africa’s individual retailers, convenience stores, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, and other institutions.

Core Values


We meet manufacturer and customer needs by delivering reliable, mutually
beneficial services that lead to lasting growth.


We believe that businesses need to evolve and grow and seek innovative ways
to continuously meet our consumers’ and manufacturers’ needs.


We ensure indisputable quality assurance, with all our distributed brands being
fit for consumption across the region.


We incorporate ingenuity to propel brands from purchase items to household brand names.


The Portcross warehouse is situated within proximity of major customers. A 10,000 sq.ft space holds food products, with an additional 2,500 sq. ft for insecticidal and non-food products. Our delivery infrastructure and stakeholder partnerships allow us to meet client expectations and focus on brand building and marketing our entire range of products.