Experience effective mosquito control with the Fumakilla Vape Mosquito Destroyer Liquid Refill. Designed to fit your vaporizer, this refill is a potent solution to repel and eliminate mosquitoes, providing you with a peaceful environment. Simply refill your vaporizer and let the Fumakilla Vape Mosquito Destroyer Liquid work its magic.


  • 1×60
  • 45G

Fumakilla was founded in 1920 in Hiroshima, Japan, and it developed the world’s first liquid insecticide. With innovation as a driver, the company continues to roll out various new and improved products, including VAPE. VAPE is a groundbreaking brand, and in 1963, it was the world’s first electronic mosquito destroyer. The VAPE brand now falls under a joint venture company, P.T. Fumakilla Indonesia. VAPE is a unique brand that is consistently evolving, offering research-based products that continually exceed expectations.



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